an amazing opportunity

I have been following Shane Hurlbut’s blog for a while now. His insights into filmmaking and the behind the scenes glimpses are riveting and inspiring to me. He has been blazing a trail with using the Canon DSLR to create films. He just announced a HDDSLR workshop in August that would really be great to attend. Sadly I do not have the funds to afford such a trip ( despite the generous discount he gave his newsletter readers ).

The question is always education vs. equipment. It has been since the start of my photography days. Do I get lenses, lights, or take classes to better my craft with what I have? The same situation plagues me today. I think its a great chance to learn from the best and perhaps even network with some industry people, so in that respect its worth it. I am still very new, can always figure out how to do things on my own ( or via the “tubes” ), but there is something to be said about being in the field in a real situation learning while I am there. Sigh, I am not sure what the answer is, but If anyone is reading this and has the will and the way, this should be a great workshop. If his blog is any indication of the quality that is going to be put into it, it will be well worth the money…..did I just talk myself into it?






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