In the Beginning…

So, I have to admit. I have done some promotional work using “moving pictures”. I helped Wikked Evolution with their web site as well as video content. The demo reel I filmed for them was my first time ( for real this time ). I used a little canon camcorder and shot it in the North Denver Photography studios using some hot lights and in the parking lot using our cars’ headlights. It was very low tech and I used Final Cut Express on my Mac Book Pro sitting in Paris on the Platte with Marguerite to edit the thing together. I didn’t know much of anything and creating a montage of different dances that I filmed was one of the most difficult things I have done. I loved every minute of it, but there was soo much that I did wrong, which means I learned soo much….right? Anyway here is the video that prompted me to want to learn more.


After that, I bought a Canon XL1s on ebay for 800 bucks. I read how 28 days later was partially filmed with it and liked the idea of having a better camera than the consumer level camcorder. I didn’t have any projects and was still learning how to use it when I saw that Film Riot threw out a contest to do a special effect tutorial using flour and water. I had some friends over and Marguerite ( a trained make up artist ) did the make up using flour and water. We created a short story explaining how the “effect” came to be. Sadly the whole video got cut short, but we did win the contest ( maybe by default ) so that was very inspiring for a first scripted piece. Doing the voice over work was probably the most difficult part since I am not a very articulate person and I was trying to adlib as I was speaking into my Mac Book Pro’s built in mic. The video for the tutorial is here ( warning, it does have fake gore in it and a clever use of the word “balls” )


We all have our first page and this would probably be it. Of course there are prequels to stories these days, but thats for another post. The internet is forever and I guess if I become successful as a film maker, this will be one of those entries that I will have to pay a large firm to remove 😉 Kidding of course. The experiences that went into these videos was fun.






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