Red Tide Rising commercial


I was asked to shoot some footage of the band Red Tide Rising at a venue as well as of them rehearsing in order to create a short commercial for their Inferno – The Experience tour. This 1 minute commercial was put together for them to post online and create interest in their tour.

Working with Red Tide Rising is always a fun experience. Its one thing to work with a client, but I really do like their music and am truly rooting for them to make it big and if I can take what I know and help push them to that next level, I will do what I can.

The footage I shot was all on the Canon 5D, which was challenging due to the low light conditions and crowded venue. This band really knows how to pack a room and I basically had to get what I could from any angle I could wiggle into. I didn’t have the luxury of rigging my camera or using a monopod so I utilized After Effects to stabilize my footage ( not completely of course, I still wanted some energy to the clips ).

Because of the budget of this project being very small, I didn’t have any graphic designer to work with so the titles were based on tutorials by Andrew Kramer at Video CoPilot.

At the end of the commercial, I animated the graphics to make it more alive. The moving flames were done using the warp filter in After Effects. Color grading was done in After Effects as well. I tried to use the Speed grade program that is now part of Adobe Production Suite CS6, but I was under a deadline and didn’t have the time to learn a new program.






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