Red Tide Rising music video for their song Unholy

We are pleased to release the music video for Red Tide Rising.

This music video started off with one idea for a scene. Actually the whole song had a thought behind it, but budget, location, etc. limited us in what we can pull off. The starting point for this video was set in a dark old room and the camera circling around a chair with a person sitting and staring out a window. The window had fog dropping in through it and then we cut into different scenes and locations. Sometimes describing a shot in words is tough so I went and quickly rendered my vision of the scene in Lightwave 3D so I can show it to the band. Below is what I show them:


With approval achieved, I realized I was kind of in a pickle. How the heck was I going to shoot this? We didn’t have a location and I don’t have a curved dolly track. I find a lack of means leads to creativity so we decided to shoot it at the band’s house. We cleared out a room and put a chair in it. I put a single LED light over Mathew and his dad put a fog machine outside the window. We dressed the scene and covered the windows as best we could. to move around the chair in a smooth way? For that, I put the camera on a monopod, attached a LCD monitor( held in my other hand ) and flipped it upside down so the camera was close to the ground. It was very tricky and I had a lot of takes to get it right, but it worked great. Ill upload some raw shots of that so you can watch it.

I have some self-shot videos of the forest scenes to show what it took to shoot that. Ill be posting more of that next. For now, I need a little rest.






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