Official Mick E. Mouse Music video release


We are excited to release the music video for The D featuring Burgundy and Treyy G.

I was contacted by Jacob and Daniel, who created this super catchy tune and wanted to really blow up the internet with something big and different…..and fast. They approached me with their ideas and were ready to roll out. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I decided to go down this rabbit hole. We didn’t really talk too much about their concepts and ideas because they had to get this video out fast. Its always scary to do a project without any planning, but that is how I have done most of my projects. I do not like it, but its sometimes a reality for me.

Day 1 of the shoot involved the fountain location, walking shots,the alley way,the car driving shots, and van dialog shots. Shooting locations for an indie filmmaker is scary. Its scary because I am always keeping an eye out for some authorities to shut everything down. I don’t have the permits and other documentation that is suppose to be obtained so I rely on the fact that I shoot light. My shoots involve my Canon 5D, Zacuto Z-Finder or Marshall Monitor ( but in this case the Z-Finder ) and a lightweight tripod ( sticks ). I try and make it look like Im just taking pictures and hope for the best. It didn’t help that we didn’t have any power and they were asking the liquor store across the street if we could run an extension cord through their store and across the street. Blaring music and people running around acting nuts was not easing my nerves at all, but this was the tamest of all the shots.

Day 2 involved the fancy car in the alley. For this shoot, I brought in my Kessler Crane KC-Lite for the shots getting out of the car as well as the Treyy G verse from above. What a great tool to have for filmmaking. I use it all the time even if it doesn’t involve a crane shot. I will use it as a stabilizer as well as some “slight” camera movement shots.

Day 3 was the liquor store scene ( inside and in the parking lot ). I did all of those shots handheld. I came in light for those shots because of the limited space and short timeframes for setting up. I also had to record audio for dialog so I brought on a friend of mine, Aaron Middleton. He is a comedian and writer and has great insights for the shots I needed and 2 hands. The last part is vital as I can’t carry a boom, shotgun mic, and Zoom h4n while shooting video….yet.

I am breaking down some of the shots to show how they were made. For example, during the fountain shots, there were no distinguished looking clouds so I composited them in in post.

One quick tip I learned: don’t have people where white t-shirts. They always overexpose.

More to come.






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