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  • Some screenshots of my latest video

    I am working on a music video for a Denver band called Red Tide Rising and posted some screenshots of my editing session. I am using Premiere Pro CS5.5 to edit and do post ( After Effects ). I love the Warp Stabilizer tool to clean up my pans. I am using PVC piping with […]

  • ASiEL’s single “East Side” released

    Last night was the premiere of ASiEL‘s new single “East Side”. It was held at Tracks night club where it played to a full house. I was there along with the cast of the film. ASiEL made an amazing spectacle of this video. I was expecting to do it for him and have it released […]

  • A fun little dance competition for Andy Richter from Conan OBrien

    I watch Conan a lot. I subscribe to his fan page and all that fun stuff and one day I saw that his side kick Andy Richter was having the fans come up with a dance move to combat Conans signature dance. Well, my girlfriend has her own dance studio so I showed it to […]

  • Marketing Small Business with Online Video

    I am seeing more and more of these types of articles about how businesses are using video to promote themselves. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/17/business/smallbusiness/17sbiz.html?_r=1 If you are interested in promoting your business with video, lets chat.

  • Hurlbut Educational Series

    I am a big fan of Shane Hurlbut and what he is doing for the HDSLR revolution. His blog is a great resource for all of us filmmakers and I love when he goes into the behind the scenes of his film projects. I have never been on a major movie set, but his posts […]

  • Video helps Small Business

    With all the techniques to get your website to the top of the search engine lists, there are other techniques that small businesses can use to help get to rise to the top. This is an interesting article explaining the findings: http://www.reelseo.com/video-small-business-landing-page If you want to join the revolution and help your business at the […]

  • Canon 5D low light footage

    I use this site as well as my photography site to help small business build their brand and give them a more professional presence on the web and through their promotional material. My first project was to get Denver Dance up and make them stand out from the other dance studios in the Denver area. […]

  • Denver Dance tutorial videos

    The process of creating a series of short video tutorials for Denver Dance. The idea is to give the readers a new dance each week so that they may learn some quick steps in tap hip hop and pole. This entry describes the hip hop tutorials.

  • In the Beginning…

    So, I have to admit. I have done some promotional work using “moving pictures”. I helped Wikked Evolution with their web site as well as video content. The demo reel I filmed for them was my first time ( for real this time ). I used a little canon camcorder and shot it in the […]

  • an amazing opportunity

    I have been following Shane Hurlbut’s blog for a while now. His insights into filmmaking and the behind the scenes glimpses are riveting and inspiring to me. He has been blazing a trail with using the Canon DSLR to create films. He just announced a HDDSLR workshop in August that would really be great to […]

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